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Woolet 2.0 Black

Dostępność: duża ilość
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Producent: WOOLET CO
Kod produktu: 8E4E-14318


Never lose your wallet again! The upgraded, next-generation edition of the smart wallet that keeps your cash and cards safe. Woolet 2.0 is Bluetooth-powered, wireless-charged, handcrafted to perfection from 100% full-grain, Italian leather and equipped with brand-new features: integrated electronics, louder buzzer, re-designed construction, strengthened with plexi to avoid bulkiness, gold pin for an elegant appearance. The smart accessory every modern man needs!
Miniature sensors synchronize with your smartphone to protect your valuables. If the Woolet is left behind, it notifies your phone. You will be able to find it quickly in a messy room just before you leave. The app shows the connection between you and your Woolet. It also howls if your wallet is out of reach in a public place, allows you to check the last-seen location of the Woolet on the map and turn on Quiet Zones when you are at home or work. It’s tiny, yet packed with cutting-edge technology. It is designed so you can live with less worry.
colour: black
material: 100% full-grain, Italian leather
stitching: black
24-carat gold pin
size: 125 × 87 × 9.9 mm (4.9 × 3.4 × 0.38 inches)
banknote pocket: 230 × 78mm (9 × 3 inches)
4 credit card slots (each fits one card)
1 larger card slot (fits up to 6 cards)
1 hidden pocket
integrated electronics
louder buzzer
re-designed construction 
strengthened with plexi
made in the EU from Italian leather
connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart)
compatibility: iPhone 4S and later, Bluetooth 4.0 Android phone
range: up to 60 metres (250 feet)
battery life: up to 6 months + recharging ability
battery type: Li-on rechargeable battery (150 mAh)
charging: wireless charging pads (QI compatible)
full charging time: 3–4 hours
processor: ARM Cortex-M0
sound: built-in ringer



Produkty Woolet objęte są dwuletnią gwarancją od momentu zakupu. Dotyczy ona zarówno materiałów jak i wykonania. Nie odpowiadamy za defekty produktu powstałe na skutek niewłaściwego użytkowania. Ponadto, elektronika Woolet posiada sześciomiesięczną gwarancję.

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